What We Do

With every Blackbird product we strive to improve the quality of playing music through innovative, quality driven guitar accessories.

What started in a garage in 2009 has grown into the leading handmade pedalboard manufacturer in the US. Each Blackbird pedalboard is crafted from start to finish with a keen eye on quality, aesthetics and affordability. Making a one of a kind pedalboard any musician can afford takes a balance. For the last 7 years, Blackbird has pushed to keep our handcrafted boards at the highest level of craftsmanship, all while keeping our price points lower than our competition.

Blackbird is more than just pedalboards. Our solderless jacks, pedalboard LEDs, cases and gig bags have all helped guitarists build and modify their own rigs to be as gig-friendly as possible.

Our Focus


We strive to lead the industry in new, innovative designs and continuously improve our offerings.


We put our customers first and help make finding the perfect pedalboard as easy as possible.


You can’t just make a great product; you have to deliver. We keep our production efficient, precise and on time.

``Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.``

Frank Zappa

Pedalboard Insights