Frequently Asked Questions

There's a lot that goes into finding the perfect Blackbird Pedalboard. Browse below for answers to some common questions

Stock Pedalboards

Choosing the right size pedalboard is the first step. Our boards are available in three sizes: Feather (18×7 inches), 1224 (12×24 inches) and 1530 (15×30 inches). Lay out your pedals and measure the length and depth they take up; be sure to leave room for cables between pedals. Depending on that measurement, go with the board size that is larger than the overall area of your pedals.

Our boards are available with a gig bag or ATA case. Our gig bags are sold with our feather and 1224 boards while our ATA cases come with our 1224 and 1530 boards. Both are extremely well built and will provide great protection for your new pedalboard.

With our 1224 boards, you have a choice between both case styles. If you are going to be doing light travel with your board and will be transporting it yourself, our gig bags are the go to choice. If you plan to fly or pack your board in a trailer, the ATA case will be able to handle the abuse.

Our Feather Boards will come with a gig bag and feature two grommets and a top oval grommet. Our 1224 boards will come with your choice of live-in gig bag or live-in ATA case, 2 solderless 1/4″ jacks and a side¬†grommet for power routing. Our 1530 boards will come with a live-in ATA case with recessed wheels and side handle, 2 solderless 1/4″ jacks and a side grommet for power routing.

Additional accessories are available to further upgrade your board.

Our stock boards are available in three series; tolex, lacquered and hardwood. Our tolex series boards are wrapped in your choice or black, white, fawn, western or tweed tolex. Our lacquered series features a binary lacquered/tolex combination in four styles: the Leo (tweed), the Buddy (polka dots), the Brad (paisley) and the Johnny B (Burlap.) Hardwood boards come in two species of wood, maple and sapele.

Every Blackbird Pedalboard comes with a limited lifetime warranty and covers any defects in construction. Our warranty does not cover, rips scratches or general wear and tear from use.

Custom Pedalboards

In order to keep our production at it’s most efficient, we no longer offer custom sized pedalboards. We can fully customize any of our three stock sizes by adding additional accessories and finishes.

Likewise, we do not offer custom sized cases.

With over 6 years of wrapping pedalboards we can say with confidence that if you can find a material, we can more often than not, wrap a board in it. Feel free to shoot us an email with custom finish requests including custom tolex, vinyl or fabrics not listed on our custom order form. Additional charges may apply.

We can add more jacks than what is listed on our order form but the pedalboard will no longer be able to stay in it’s case to use. To keep our cases live-in, we can only fit 2 jacks per side.

If you do require more inputs or outputs use the comment section to include any additional jacks.

No. The reason we use oval grommets in our pedalboards, is to ensure the loop top is completely sealed. By routing slots, the loop fabric is subject to lifting over time. We can add additional 4″ oval grommets throughout the top of the board and can be specified in the comments section.

All custom pedalboards are non-refundable. Each board is made to your specifications and we would not be able to resell the board after it has been shipped. Custom boards are still covered under our warranty and can be repaired or replaced if needed.

Accessories and Shop

Yes! Our solderless jacks are both TS and TRS compatible. They require no soldering and accept any 1/4″ instrument cable to route your signal through your pedalboard.

Our AC pedalboard inlets are designed to fit in the same opening as the side grommet on our boards. The inlet acts as a bridge between power from the wall to power inside your pedalboard. You can wire any AC power cord to the inside of the inlet and when you are ready to power your board, use a grounded extension cord on the outside.

We except returns on all stock items returned in original unused condition. Please contact us for an RMA and when we receive the items we will refund payment. We do not cover shipping fees on unwanted items.

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